In Memoriam of prof. Marian Kruszyński

Marian Kruszyński
Prof. Marian Kruszyński
(1947 - 2018)

Professor Marian Kruszyński was born on March 26, 1947 in Inowroclaw, Poland, where he had spend his childhood, and after getting the primary education he attended Technical Highschool of Chemistry. He studied chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland graduating in 1971 with M.Sc. He has continued his scientific career in Institute of Chemistry (Faculty of Chemistry after reorganization) in University of Gdansk. There he received his doctorate in 1976 under supervision of Prof. Gotfryd Kupryszewski and habilitation (DSc) in 1987. In 1978 – 1991 he did his postdoctoral fellowship in laboratory of Prof. Maurice Manning, in Medical College of Ohio, USA and laboratory of Prof. Ulf Ragnarsson in Biomedical Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden. In 1991 he had started to work for CENTOCOR R&D, INC., USA (biotechnological company) that in 1998 became subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Radnor, PA. In 1996 he was promoted to a position of Research Fellow and Head, Peptide/Protein Chemistry that he held till his retirement in 2012. All the time he was directly cooperating with University of Gdansk, which reflects in the fact, that he was awarded the title of full professor there in 2012.

Professor Marian Kruszynski’s scientificic interest focused on chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins, chemical modifications of monoclonal antibodies, design and synthesis of peptide and protein therapeutics. He was marvelous teacher and mentor to his coworkers. He was author or co-author of 11 patents, several dozen of papers and more than 80 conference communications.

Even though he had spent many years abroad, he stayed in touch with Poland and Polish colleagues. He was always involved and interested in Faculty of Chemistry (University of Gdansk) matters as well as actual political situation of Poland, that he knew better than many of those living here, in Poland.

Marian was very companionable and friendly person. He had plenty of colleagues and friends both in Poland, and USA. He was always eager to help disinterestedly. Marian was loving and deeply dedicated father and grandfather to his two grandchildren.

Dear friend, you will be greatly missed by all of us, your friends, colleagues and coworkers. We will always cherish the irreplaceable time that we have had a chance to spent with you.

Contributed by Krzysztof Rolka