The European Peptide Symposia

The organization of the European Peptide Symposium is the most important activity of the European Peptide Society (EPS). This biennial international symposium regularly attracts about 1000 participants from all over the world. After each symposium the Proceedings are published. The First European Peptide Symposium took place in Prague (Czechoslovakia) in 1958. Although the early symposia were devoted largely to the development of chemical methods for the synthesis of peptides, the programmes now extend to the biology of peptides and include, for example, structure-activity relationships, conformational studies, peptide vaccines, and the immunology of peptides. In 1978 the 15th European Peptide Symposium was held by G. Kupryszewski in Gdańsk. Twenty eight years later the 29th European Peptide Symposium was organized by K. Rolka and Co-Chairs in Gdańsk again. The list of past and future the European Peptide Symposia, their locations and dates are given below.

See also our picture gallery from the 29th European Peptide Symposium (organized in 2006 in Gdańsk) and the 15th European Peptide Symposium (organized in 1978 in Gdańsk).

Number Location (country) Year
I Prague (Czechoslovakia) 1958
II Munich (FRG) 1959
III Basel (Switzerland) 1960
IV Moscow (USSR) 1961
V Oxford (UK) 1962
VI Athens (Greece) 1963
VII Budapest (Hungary) 1964
VIII Noordwijk (The Nederlands) 1966
IX Orsay (France) 1968
X Abano Terme (Italy) 1999
XI Vienna (Austria) 1971
XII Reinhardsbrunn (GDR) 1972
XIII Kiriyat Anavim (Israel) 1974
XIV Wepion (Belgium) 1976
XV Gdańsk (Poland) 1978
XVI Helsingør (Denmark) 1980
XVII Prague (Czechoslovakia) 1982
XVIII Djurönäset (Sweden) 1984
XIX Porto Carras (Greece) 1986
XX Tübingen (FRG) 1988
XXI Barcelona (Spain) 1990
XXII Interlaken (Switzerland) 1992
XXIII Braga (Portugal) 1994
XXIV Edinburgh (UK) 1996
XXV Budapest (Hungary) 1998
XXVI Montpellier (France) 2000
XXVII Sorrento (Italy) 2002
XXVIII Prague (Czech Republic) 2004
XXIX Gdańsk (Poland) 2006
XXX Helsinki (Finland) 2008
XXXI Copenhagen (Denmark) 2010
XXXII Athens (Greece) 2012
XXXIII Sofia (Bulgaria) 2014
XXXIV Leipzig (Germany) 2016
XXXV Dublin (Ireland) 2018

The next XXXVI European Peptide Symposium will be held in Sitges-Barcelona (Spain) from August 30 - September 4, 2020.